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An Amazing Key Magic Trick Tutorial!

The key in bottle effect is awesome, it's one of my favourite key magic tricks. Learn how to do it right here...

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Impossible Key Magic Trick REVEALED!

The is a stunning key magic trick where it looks like you can move metal!

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Coin Magic Trick: Okito Box Revealed!

How to do the classic Okito Box coin magic trick...

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An Amazing Magic Rope Trick!

Learn the BEST impromtu magic rope trick right now...

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5 Coins In Hand trick!

Effect:Start by finding someone to play the trick on. Begin by telling them that you’re going to give them some money, and that if they can count it, they

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The French Drop

EFFECT: You show the audience an ordinary coin in one hand, then you grab it with the other hand But when you open your hand, it has vanished! SECRET:

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Press Release

The DPF Group Contact: Donovan Fernandes FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. (416) 949-7942 E-mail:

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Matt Brown fredricPR Phone: (805) 660-0553 E-Mail: Thursday, January 14, 2010 New Book- MAGIC’S

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