Want to convince your friends you are a real psychic? There is much debate over it, but this magic trick will have them believing the impossible! Read on for the secret :)

  The performer screws a nut onto a bolt. Easy enough! Then with just a simple motion of the free hand and seemingly psychic powers, the nut begins to unscrew itself, stopping and starting again at the magician's command!

Convince anyone you are psychic

Everything examinable

Very visual

Perfect for table hopping

Looks like real magic

High precision gimmick


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 Hidden inside the end of the bolt is a tiny button battery (Pic 1). It fits into the bolt head in such a way that it’s undetectable (Pic 2). Spectators can examine the bolt and nut as much as they wan't - they won't find anything!

real psychicPic 1
real psychicPic 2

When you purchase the Nut off Bolt trick as well as the precision made gimmick you’ll also receive a small magnet, you need to secretly press that onto the head of the bolt. (Pic 3). It can be easily hidden behind your forefinger.

If you slide the magnet towards the nut, it will start to spin away! (Pic 4). If you slide the magnet backwards, the nut will stop spinning. Use this feature to make the nut spin or stop at your command! The bolt actually contains a tiny motor that vibrates which causes the nut to unscrew, the magnet activates it. Clever huh?

real psychicPic 3
real psychicPic 4

TIP: Keep the magnet concealed from your audience and this trick will be a snap! It can easily be palmed or ditched into a lap or pocket afterwards. You can then hand everything out to be examined.

I love tricks where you have a secret item the spectator has no idea about. Without the secret item - in this case a tiny magnet the trick won't work.

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