If you want to learn free card tricks then the rising card is one of the oldest but greatest
card effects today.

self rising card

There are many ways to make a chosen card magically rise out of the deck and I'm going to show you some of the best! Some use a gaffed deck while others are impromptu.

THE EFFECT: You shuffle a pack of cards and get a spectator to take one. Once they have memorised it (they can even sign it) you get them to place it back on the deck and give it another shuffle.

You place the deck back into the card case or rest it against a glass so you are not even touching the pack then suddenly the spectators chosen card slowly rises out of the deck, wow!


Many professional magicians do this trick with a gaffed deck. A small portion of cards are strung together so a very thin weighted pulley can be placed inside them.

The pulley has a piece of double sided sticky tape attached, so when you turn the deck upside down the weight falls lifting the card up. You can find this trick at your local dealer or Google "Slimline Rising Cards"

For those of us on a budget luckily there are a few other ways this trick can be done very cheaply and/or free. Read on to find out.

This is a variation on the above illusion using a different technique. Watch the effect, then learn free card tricks...

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THE SECRET: Want to learn free card tricks? Then this alternative version only uses elastic! You need to get a strip of white elastic from your local craft store or maybe an old piece of clothing. If you find the elastic is too wide as in my video above you can strip it by using some scissors to fray the edge then pulling out the individual elastic strings. These are much less visible when performing.

If you have a hard time tracking down elastic you could probably use white rubber bands as an alternative. Maybe cutting these down width wise if they are too wide and visible.

You definitely do not want dark coloured elastic or rubber bands as these will show up against the white playing cards.

If possible it is a good idea to utilise the jokers in the pack so you do not ruin your playing cards. Place one card face up and one card face down, then stick (with sticky tape) the elastic to the cards. (see below pic)

learn free card tricks like the rising card

Try not to use as much sticky tape as I have used, this is just so you can see it. Use only a small amount that will do the job. To set up, place the face up card (in my example the 5 of Hearts on top of the deck (face down) and the face down card on the bottom of the deck (face down).

From the front, the deck looks completely normal. From behind the elastic will hang out. View the video above again to get a better idea.

When you are ready to perform simply fan the cards, get a spectator to select one then replace it into the deck from behind. Turn the deck upright, gripping it tightly (and tilting it back slightly so the elastic can not be seen) then gradually release your grip on the deck, slowly the spectators card will rise out of the deck. Amazing!

TIP: Loosen your grip very slowly to make the card rise. Too quick and the card may fly out of the deck and across the room!

TIP: After your performance you could palm the top and bottom gaffed cards from the deck, placing them secretly on your lap or in your pocket, so the spectators can examine the deck.

This is perhaps the easiest way to make a spectators card rise from the deck inside the actual card case. It was the first rising card effect I learned many years ago. Watch then learn free card tricks...

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THE SECRET: Quite a cheeky secret to this one. That's why I like it so much. Simply cut out a small rectangle from the back of the card case. You can then use which ever finger feels most natural to make the card rise, simply by pushing it up from the back.

If you place the deck on your palm, fingers outstretched you can even use your thumb. From a distance the cards inside the pack will camouflage the hole in the card case. Remember only from a distance not from close inspection!

If you know a few card slights to retain the spectators card on top of the deck use them! Maybe use a false shuffle or cut. So that the spectator thinks their card is lost in the deck but is actually on top all the time.

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Here is one last way to make a spectators card rise magically from the deck. The secret seems too easy to work, but it does and very well! This is a great impromptu version. Using any normal pack of playing cards...

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Be careful with your angels with this one. You need all your spectators to be viewing the trick from the front not all around you or they will discover the secret!

Have fun with all these rising card tricks, use the ones you like the best! If you want to learn free card tricks click below...


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