This is one of the coolest impromptu coin tricks ever devised. Made famous by Criss Angel on his T.V special Mind Freak. This is a very powerful trick that will astound anyone you perform it to, with a bit of practice!

THE EFFECT: You borrow any can of soda like a beer or coke can then ask a spectator for a coin, say a twenty pence piece or a quarter. You then get the spectator to sign the coin with their initials on both sides.

coin in soda can magic trick

Taking the can in one hand and the coin in the other you slam the coin into the bottom of the can 'BAM' the coin penetrates the can! You show both hands empty, the bottom of the can is shown to be solid and the top is still sealed.

You give the can a shake and the coin can be heard rattling inside with the can. Finally you open the can, pour the contents into a glass or onto the floor and the signed coin is VISIBLY seen in the can.

You can give this to your spectator for a souvenir to take home, or cut the can open with a knife to get it out - AMAZING!

Any can of drink & coin can be used or borrowed
Everything can be examined before and after the trick
Perform anytime, anywhere, unprepared!
Instant reset - once performed your ready to go again!
One of the most amazing impromptu coin tricks ever devised
It really is the spectators signed coin in the can!


THE SECRET: So what's the secret to one of the most amazing impromptu coin tricks ever devised? Well, as with many magic tricks this illusion has a devilishly simple secret. Very different in principle to the Coin in Bottle illusion. With this illusion you actually put the coin in the can right in front of the spectators eyes, but they do not suspect a thing. Amazingly the 'moves' carried out to prove the coin has penetrated the can, actually help you put it in.

Begin by letting your audience examine the can or borrow one, also borrow a coin. I prefer to work with a 20p or a quarter, they are a good size to be seen and more importantly just fit inside the top of the can with the ring pull up, but will not come out with the ring pull down. Next get a spectator to initial the coin on both sides with a permanent marker (so the liquid will not wash off the signature!)

This is an important step to prove without doubt it is their coin in the can.

Coin in soda can as performed by Criss Angel

1) Take the signed coin in one hand palm up and the can in the other hand, on it’s side. The bottom of the can must be facing the coin - Your audience should be facing you, front on.

2) Bring both hands together fast and SLAM the coin into the bottom of the can, this usually makes a nice ‘clink’ sound as if the coin has really penetrated the can.

Coin in soda as created by Wayne Houchin

3) Remove your hand and you will find the coin, stays rested on the bottom rim of the can. Show your hand empty. To your audience the coin has vanished!

4) Take the can in the other hand as shown by gripping the top with all your fingers and show your other hand completely empty. Don’t worry the coin will stay on the rim.

Coin through soda can magic trick

5) As soon as you show the other hand empty use this misdirection time to turn the can up the right way and allow the coin to drop secretly into your palm.

6) Try to keep your fingers fairly close together to hide the coin falling. Don't worry too much because at this point the main focus will be on your other hand as you show it empty.

Coin through fizzy drinks can

7) You then need to adjust your grip so that the can is in your hand as shown. Be careful not to make a ’clink’ noise as the can touches the coin. Done slowly no noise will be made.

8) Turn the can upright, making sure the coin is gripped between your hand and the can, because at this point you do not want the coin falling
to the floor!

TIP: Practice each step thoroughly to get it looking smooth, fluid, fairly fast and natural. These moves to the audience are just to emphasise the can is unprepared. You need these for the trick to work.

The great thing about coin tricks like this one is you start clean and end clean with nothing to hide! Illusions don't get more magical than that!

free magic coin in can

9) The following move is intended to show the spectators that the can has no holes in either the top or bottom: Bring the thumb of the opposite hand over and grip the coin against the can.

10) The coin needs to be gripped near it’s top (unless your thumbs are very large!) so that your thumb hides the coin from the audiences view. Tilt the can forward towards the audience.

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