Card Guess

by Jose Pejuan

THE EFFECT: You reveal a spectators chosen card as if by magic!

THE SECRET: To do the magic trick you need any 21 cards. Let your victim choose one. After that shuffle the cards and make 3 columns of 7 cards each, face up (like if you were dealing cards put one card on the first column then one on the second column etc).

Ask your victim which column is their card in, grab the 3 columns together in a packet (always put the column were he/she told you in the middle of the other rows). Again deal out the cards into three rows and get them to tell you which row there card is in. This row again gets placed in to the middle when you pick the cards up. Do this 3 times in total.

After that secretly count 11 cards from the top to bottom and the eleventh card is the one that the spectator picked! ENJOY :P

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Jul 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

IT is sooooo coooool!!!!! I LOVE IT

Aug 30, 2009
good trick
by: arjun

ok trick

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