Cough, Cough

by Kolton Sellers
(Bonifay, Florida, United States)

This trick requires a lot of practice and is really suited to more advanced magicians.

THE EFFECT: The magician has a card selected and signed. The spectator then shuffles the cards and it is the magicians job to locate it. Unfortunately, the magician cannot seem to get it right, so after a few attempts the magician puts the deck into his mouth and gives the deck a riffle.

The magician then regurgitates a tightly folded card. It is the spectators card, with their signature!

THE SECRET: Have the spectator selected a card from the deck and show it to the audience. After the card is signed, control it to the top of the deck by any means say a Hindu Shuffle Control or a Revolving Pass.

The deck is now held in the standard dealing position in the left hand (with the chosen card on the top). Get a finger break under the top card and palm it with your right hand.

Immediately, flourish the rest of the deck with a one hand cut, or one hand shuffle with your left hand offer it to a spectator to simply mix up the cards.

Make sure the spectator starts to shuffle because some stubborn people start to look through the deck for their card. Then turn your back making this move seem natural to show that there is no possible way that you could know where the card is.

At this time you are folding the palmed card into eighths (The smaller the better). This is easy as your back is turned you can use both hands to do this and slip the tiny package in your mouth between your cheek and gum.

Turn around to face the audience. As the card is folded so tightly in your mouth you can talk normally. Take the cards and act as if you messed up. Turn over a couple of cards to reveal what was supposed to be their selection.

Do whatever you want to, just make yourself look bad. Then take the pack and place it in your mouth. Give the cards a riffle on the corner then remove the deck and work the card out of your lips and slowly spit the card out onto the palm of your hand.

Unfold it and watch the audience scream at the chosen signed card. It looks as if you somehow removed the card with your mouth!

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Aug 22, 2015
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Aug 01, 2015
Great tricks! NEW
by: Lucas

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Jul 30, 2015
Cough, Cough NEW
by: Jacob

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May 19, 2015
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Aug 12, 2011
best trick ever
by: Anonymous

favorite trick ive seen so far

Jan 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

what do you mean a rifle

May 01, 2010
easy trick
by: Hans Shchumacher

its very easy all you do is control the card on to the top palm it then turn around fold it and stick it in your mouth turn around and riffel it and take it out and spit out the card

Apr 09, 2010
by: Cool website

This one is very hard to understand. I love this trick, but i couldn`t understand it. Could you put a video. Thks!

Dec 19, 2009
thats so cool!
by: Anonymous

thats just a really tricky trick to figure out. and ive seen and know alot of card tricks.

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