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"Jump Magic FREE iPhone App - Easy to pick up, hard to put down! "

Jump Magic FREE Game

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Hey it's Simon Crack here,

I'm really happy and proud to announce we have just finished producing our first iPhone App Game - 7 MONTHS in the making (yeh it was really hard work!). It's called Jump Magic FREE and it's really cool, if you have an iOS device then I think you're really gonner like it! You can download it VERY SOON from the App Store for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for FREE.

jump magic iPhone game JUMP MAGIC FREE

Jump Magic FREE is a new endless jumping game like you've never seen before. With multiple characters, unlockable items, cool powerups and great HD graphics. This will be the game that keeps you coming back for more and more.

Unlike most iPhone App jumping games Jump Magic FREE has a purpose. During your adventure you collect "Stars". With Stars you can buy cool items within the game like new levels, characters, power-ups, in game music and more. (Oh and Yeh the main character is a cartoon of me! lol ;-) --->

Jump Magic Evolution

Jump Magic FREE is fully integrated with Apple's Game Center so you can rank your high score with your friends and players all over the world and unlock achievements too. Here's the full low down of the game...

jump magic game


Grab your hat and cape, pick up your magic wand and get ready for a MAGIC adventure! Jump Magic FREE is here and It's awesome - easy to pick up, hard to put down.

Jump Magic App iTunes screen Shot 1

Bunny Run App


Leap, float and fly from hat to hat at high speed, collecting stars and magical power-ups as you go!

How far can you get without running into
the dreaded Evil Rabbit?
Will you break your friends high score?
Levels get fast and frantic - can you handle it?

Jump Magic App iTunes screen Shot 3


Instant in game, one touch power-ups. Collect in the level, buy more in the Magic Store:

DOVE: Morph into a magician's Dove to FLY through the level
RABBIT: Change into a fluffy Rabbit to jump MUCH higher
POWER CAPE: Use the Power Cape to FLOAT sky high!
CHECK POINTS: Collect Checkpoints to progress further
Can YOU earn the EXCLUSIVE Power Wand?

Jump Magic App iTunes screen Shot 2


Choose from 3 EXCLUSIVE tracks to listen to in the game
Play as a Male or Female Magician (unlock more characters)
Buy upgrades, power-ups, levels and more music in the Magic Store

Jump Magic iPhone App


Use stars collected in the game to purchase COOL stuff in the Magic Store. With your collected stars you can buy:

More Dove, Power Cape and Rabbit power-ups
More Levels
Unlock NEW characters
CHEATS: Infinite Power-ups AND Increased Power-up time
The EXCLUSIVE Power Wand (Tip: Makes you invulnerable to Evil Rabbit)
Unlock Music Tracks to listen to while playing Jump Magic
Unlock EXCLUSIVE Magic Trick videos from FreeMagicTricks4u.com!

Jump Magic App iTunes screen Shot 4


With Jump Magic FREE you'll NEVER get bored. With our random level generation technology, each time you play it's a different game play experience. Never play the same game twice.


We've included support for Game Center and FaceBook this way you can easily show your friends who the Jump Magic FREE master REALLY is.

Jump Magic App iTunes screen Shot 5

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