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You do not need a magic card deck to perform these cool card flourishes, what you will need is patience, persistence and an ordinary pack of playing cards. Bicycles are the best!

This section is dedicated to playing card flourishes. So what exactly are Card flourishes? Putting it simply it is doing fancy thing with cards, a visual display of skill if you like. Flourishes include fanning, dealing, shuffling, spreads, springs and aerials. Basically these stunts will make you look like a pro!

TIP: If you are a beginner try not to be discouraged if you can not perfect all these flourishes in an instant, they take time to learn.

Just keep practicing over and over and suddenly it will just click and you will have it. Take the cards everywhere you go, keep doing the moves, you will get there.


This is a very cool flourish devised by John Cornelius. It enables you to flip over the top card of the deck with one hand. Watch the flourish below then learn how to do it...

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mechanics grip
Start by holding the deck in your preferred hand. Hold the deck as shown in this picture. This is called the "mechanics grip" Push the top card to the side (towards your fingers) with your thumb. Move the second card below the top card out to the other side a bit with your thumb and tap down on its corner. This card will then catapult the top card up into the air in a spin. You then need to catch it on top of the deck again.


This is a pretty easy shuffle that looks cool. It may take a bit of practice but is very satisfying to perform. Watch and learn the flourish below...


Every magician should know how to fan a deck of cards. Many tricks require the spectator to choose a card, so what better way to showcase your skill and dexderity than with a perfectly formed card fan? No magic card deck here!

Once you have learned all these card flourishes it will look like you have a magic deck of cards! They will enhance any card trick you perform. They will not make a bad card trick look good but they will certainly make a good trick, great!

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