Paper Restoration

by John

THE EFFECT: A sheet of paper is torn into pieces then folded and finally crumpled in your hand. You open your hands, take out the crumpled paper, then you unfold it. Magically the paper is restored!

THE EFFECT: You need two pieces of duplicate paper. Crumple one of them, place it in your left hand and make sure it's hidden. Do this all before the trick begins.

Start off the trick showing the piece of paper on your right and holding the second duplicate paper in your left hand. Tear the first paper, crumple it and place it into your left hand. Then act as if you are crumpling the paper while switching the first paper with the second piece of paper.

Bring out the second piece of paper hiding the first paper saying "watch!" and as the spectator is paying attention looking at the crumpled paper, place the first torn paper in your pocket or somewhere else you can throw it away. Unfold the paper to show that it has restored itself.

Practice to make it look more natural.

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Jul 25, 2015
Paper Restoration NEW
by: Anonymous

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May 30, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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May 17, 2015
good NEW
by: Biatrice

My father used to be a Magician By Profession, so do have quite a list of such tricks, but he never has actually revealed all of them to me yet. He always said some things are meant to be found out by yourselves. ::: bee traps ::::

Jul 24, 2014
You are a big looser
by: Munim

Everyone can do magic tricks like that you fuck

May 11, 2012
A Video please
by: Steve

Please please show us a video of these tricks!! I am sure others agree!!!

May 30, 2011
max tate
by: Anonymous

this trick is ******* awsum

Jul 02, 2010
Cool trick dude
by: Iceman

Really nice trick man everyone was amazed wen i did this trick ONE MORE TIME NICE!!!!

Apr 05, 2010
by: Marlinfisher

Nice trick, dude! I did that to my sister and she was amazed! (So was my dad!)

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