The Carrot Trick

by Cole
(TX, United States)

Th Effect: You say you're going to perform a test of ESP and you write something on a piece of paper.You ask them a series of math questions and then an unrelated question. When they get to the last question they said what you put on the paper a minute ago!

The Secret: They most-likely always say carrot! You tell them your going to Preform an ESP trick and you write down "carrot" or you draw a carrot on a piece of paper. You give the Paper to them to hold. Then you tell them your going to ask them a series of math questions and then an unrealted question and to not spend time thinking on the last question and to say whatever comes into their brain first. Then you ask...






Name a vegetable!

The most-likely always say carrot! Reveal the piece of paper.

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