While not strictly a magic trick this is still one of my favourite bar tricks to perform. I like to set
it up as a proposition bet to get some free stuff. For example...

THE EFFECT: I may say to someone "I bet you I can remove the card from under the coin without it falling" then I say "If I can't I will buy you a drink, if I can you buy me a drink!"  That will set your mates up nicely :-) Be sure to watch the full performance below, and then learn the super easy secret...


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THE SECRET: Pub bets are great in that they usually have such a simple secret and this one is really no exception. It's all about the 'flick' and 'balance'. It will take lots of practice to get it right, but the effect is totally worth it! The best illusions always take a bit of practice to get them just right.

THE METHOD: What do I mean? Well when you place the card and coin on your fingertip you will need to make sure they are balanced evenly. The coin needs to be in the dead center of the card and the coin/card needs to be in the dead center of your fingertip. You should be able to feel when you get the balance right.

The next part that needs practice is the 'flick' move. You will need to strike the card by flicking the side of it with your finger. You need to make sure you hit the card exactly on its side edge in a horizontal motion. Don't flick down on the card and don't flick from under it. If you do, the coin and card will fall to the ground, ruining your trick and you'll have to buy your mate a drink of their choice!

TIP: You can always let your mates have a go if they want before you show them how it's done. Even if they figure out how to do it (which they won't) it still takes quite a bit of practice to do reliably. You will be the practiced one, not them!


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