Card Magic Tricks:
False Cut Force

"Thank you for your magic, sincerely it really is magic!"

Card magic tricks! Every magician needs to know how to force a card on a spectator, period.

This trick has to be one of the simplest ways I know to get a spectator to pick any card you want.

It's looks almost too easy to fool anyone. But try it out, trust me it works...

THE EFFECT: The magician cuts through the cards and asks a spectator to say "Stop!". The spectator is asked to remember their card and it is lost again in the deck. Squaring up the deck the magician places their palm on top of the deck and concentrates.

The magician lifts up his hand to reveal the spectator's card written on the palm of his hand. A cool effect, so easy to do. Watch the trick in action below, then learn how to do card magic tricks...

THE SECRET: The secret to this card force is so simple and at first glance this effect can often be overlooked, or seen as too easy to work on anyone. However it really does work to most 'lay' people. Sure you can spend hours learning a really complex card force, but if this simple one works you may as well use it!

Before the trick all you need to do is have the card you want to force onto your spectator on the bottom of the deck and taking a water based marker draw that card on the palm of your hand.

At the beginning of the trick you can perform a couple of false shuffles (like a riffle shuffle but keeping the bottom card the same). Then all you need to do is hold the deck of cards with one hand from above and begin to strip off cards from the top of the deck into your other hand (pic 1).

Card Magic Tricks

Keep doing this and ask your spectator to say stop at any point. As soon as they do, show them the bottom of the deck (the force card) ask them to remember it (pic 2). Once they have you can place the bottom portion of the deck on top of the rest of the cards, loosing their card in the deck.

Square the deck up, look into your spectator's eyes and pretend to concentrate. Place your palm ontop of the deck, press down then lift up your palm to show their card written on your hand (pic 3).

TIP: Although this is one of the easiest card magic tricks to do be careful not to flash your prediction that is written on your hand before the actual reveal!

TIP: Of course the real 'trick' to this is the actual card force, you are welcome to come up with any number of ways to reveal the spectators card. I've just given you one idea.

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Riffle Card Force.

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