Easy magic card tricks! If you like card tricks you need to know a couple of card forces, they are an important part of your arsenal. Great for one off tricks and also good if maybe you messed up the last trick you performed (it happens to the best of us) and you need a quick reliable trick to get you out of trouble.


A card force is basically a move (or bunch of moves) to make a spectator think they have a free card selection, however you make them pick the card you want them to. That way you know exactly what card they have picked and can reveal their selection in any number of magical ways. This is one of my favourite easy magic card tricks.

THE EFFECT: The magician simply riffles through the deck and asks a spectator to say stop. Where ever they say stop the magician cuts the cards and the spectator removes their selected card. The magician INSTANTLY reveals the spectators chosen card written on a piece of paper in plain view the entire time of the trick.

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There are of course many different ways to force a playing card. However this is the one I find myself using most of the time, because it is simple to do and looks completely natural. Definitely one of my favourite easy magic card tricks.

For this force all you need to do is secretly memorize the top card of the deck without your spectator knowing. Once you have had a quick glance you can do a couple of Riffle Shuffles but make sure you retain the top card. When performing the riffle shuffle it is quite easy to retain the top few cards on top of the deck, but to the spectator it looks like you are mixing them up.

With the force card on top, begin the trick by holding the deck in the Mehanics Grip. Start to riffle through the cards at the corner of the deck with your thumb until the spectator says stop (pic 1). At that point as you begin to cut the cards (with the other hand) where the spectator has asked, use your fingers (of the hand you are holding the deck with) to secretly 'peel' off the top card of the deck (the one you memorized, pics 2 & 3). As you take off the top half of the deck allow the top card to stay behind on top of the cut (pic 4).

easy magic card tricks

This move performed fast and smoothly is almost undetectable and your spectators will have no idea you just did a sneaky move. All this is done in a split second. The hard work has now been done. All you need to do now is offer the lower part of the deck to your spectator to take the card they cut to (in fact the forced card).

Get them to memorize it and then place it back anywhere in the deck they wish, they can even shuffle the cards. You are now free to reveal the spectators card in any way you want. Writing their selected card on a piece of paper is just one way you can do it.

TIP: There are many, many ways to REVEAL a forced card to your spectator. (For an awesome way of revealing a forced card check out my new Magic Tutorial DVD 2.0).

How about revealing a spectators card printed on your t-shirt or hoodie? You can get all types of clothing with a playing card printed on in my Magic Merchandise store Here. Also if you have an iPhone or iPod this iPhone Card Trick is a great way to reveal a forced card.

How you force a card is really only limited by your imagination. How about planting the forced card on your spectator before the trick. You could plant it almost anywhere, how about:

On the bottom of their shoe
Inside their shoe
Under the chair they are sitting on
In their pocket

Try and think outside the box, how about these for some CRAZY ideas:

Get some contact lenses made up with a playing card on
Stick the force card on the outside of a window just out of sight
Get a tattoo of a playing card (If you are old/brave enough obviously!)
Get a car number plate made up with the card on
Get your spectator to phone someone you have already set up

The more creative your 'reveal' the better the effect will be on your spectator. Let your imagination run wild!


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