This is one of the coolest iPhone tricks you can perform with an ordinary pack of playing cards and an iPhone (of course). NEW - Download video files UPDATED for iOS 11!

It can be performed a couple of ways depending on your skill level.


THE EFFECT: You ask a spectator to pick a card and memorize their selection. You return their card to the pack and give it a shuffle. You introduce your iPhone and proceed to throw the cards onto the iPhone's screen. Amazingly the spectators card appears on your iPhone, all be it in a miniaturized form!

You show that their selected card is really on the screen because it is actually BEHIND the home screen icons. You explain that getting the card back out again is the hardest part. With a flick of your wrist the chosen card jumps above the icons.

For the astonishing finishing move you shake the iPhone and the spectators miniaturized card actually falls out of the iPhone. Watch the effect below, then learn one of the coolest iPhone tricks...

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THE SECRET: So what's the secret to one of the best iPhone tricks? First off you need to learn a simple card force so that you make the spectator choose the five of hearts. The easiest card force is as follows. Start with the five of hearts on the bottom of the deck. Place the deck onto the table and get your spectator to cut the deck at any point they wish.

Ask them to place what was the bottom part of the deck sideways across the other half to mark the cut. Now what they have actually done is place the bottom card at the cut. When you ask them to look and memorise the card they cut to it will be the five of hearts!

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So now you know how to force the five of hearts onto your spectator, how do you get it on the iPhone? Good question. You need to download the following very realistic video I created especially for your iPhone. The video pretends to be your home screen. Download it below (recently updated for iOS 11)...

Download this iPhone Tricks video files free HERE.

After starting the video you have five seconds before the forced card appears on your screen. Another five seconds before it jumps above the home screen icons and a further five seconds before the card shoots off the side of the screen.

You will need to watch the video a few times to get to know the timing exactly, eg When to spring the cards onto the iPhone etc. To help with timing there is a small change in the camera icon which signals one second before the next step will occur. This will be your cue.


If the icons on your home screen are in a different arrangement to the video it is useful to make them the same to blend seamlessly before and after the effect.

iPhone Tricks to Amaze


It's now simpler than ever. Just email the correct video for your device to your iPhone. Then tap on the video attachment in the email and download it to your camera roll. And it will be ready to play anytime!

Before you perform the illusion you also need a miniature five of hearts card taped with a tiny piece of double sided stick tape to the back of the iPhone. You can get these small cards from Christmas crackers or joke/magic shops.

As soon as you have forced the card on your spectator return it to the deck and give it a shuffle. Pick up the iPhone go into your Photos / Albums / Camera Roll and play the video.

You’ll see a fake home screen (all part of the video) for five seconds. Now show the screen to your spectator, wait a few seconds then start to spring the cards onto the iPhone. The spectators card will appear on the iPhone. After another five seconds it will jump above the icons. Then another five seconds it will shoot off the side of the screen.

Just before it shoots off the side of the screen turn your iPhone on its side and flick the small card off the back of the iPhone with your finger into your hand. Timed perfectly it will look as though you have shaken the card out of the iPhone.

Give the tiny card to your spectator to examine, while they do this secretly press the home screen button on the iPhone to exit the video.

TIP: If you find the last part of the trick too hard you could simply finish the effect when the card appears on the iPhone. It still looks cool. However try and do the whole effect for the best reactions.

SUBSCRIBER TIP: A great tip from Sky Lark one of my subscribers:

"If you riffle the cards FACE DOWN at the iPhone, it should appear face down on the iPhone. A card cannot flip around in mid-air and then appear in the iPhone. I suggest shooting the cards FACE UP onto the iPhone "

TIP: iPhone tricks are great and everything but Ok everyone doesn't have an iPhone to perform said iPhone tricks. However this shouldn't stop you taking this magic principle and applying it to other media. For example could you create your own video to play on your mobile phone? Could you create a DVD which reveals the card on your T.V or computer screen? Could you plant a duplicate card somewhere then reveal it?

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This has to be one of my favourite iPhone tricks. I always have it loaded on my iPhone ready to perform a miracle at any time. So should you!


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