set up

set up

set up deck cut, spectator's card on right(from the middleof deck) how to collect the cards to get a

Spectator cuts the deck and picks their up card. Magician names their card!

The deck is ordered!
The order is 8,K,3,10,2,7,9,5,Q,4,A,6,J.
The way to remember this order is by rhyme.
8 Kings threatened (3 is threa, 10 is tened) to (2) save (7) ninety five (9,5) Queens for (4) one (Ace) sick (6) Knave (Jack)
Also the suits are in order Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds (CHaSeD)

You must take a sneak peek at the card above the spectator's card after the spectator has taken their card.

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