Criss Angel Style Magic:
Clean Coin Vanish

"Awesome, you're a great illusionist!"

Criss Angel is a great entertainer, performing many stunning illusions. Here are some great Criss Angel style coin tricks that look like real magic!

THE EFFECT: You place any coin on the palm of your open hand, giving a magical snap, it vanishes into thin air! Watch the effect, then learn it!

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THE SECRET: Ok, ok the saying "nothing up my sleeve" does not apply here! Luckily the effect happens so fast no one can see it go up there!

Be warned the 'flick move' does take some practice. At first you may have coins flying all over the place, don't worry about it but be careful!

To achieve a good 'flick' place the coin on your palm and your middle finger and thumb (of the other hand) in a clicking position above and in front of the coin.

As you click your fingers allow the finger to strike the coin. If performed correctly it will shoot right up your sleeve, hopefully undetected.

When you have finished the trick you can push both of your sleeves up, the coin will be taken up too in the fabric. This gives the impression there is nothing up your sleeves (without you having to actually say so).

Needless to say when performing this trick you need to wear long sleeves that are quite baggy, otherwise you will never pull it off!

Tip: If you wish to reproduce the coin after the vanish simply roll down your sleeve, let your arm drop by your side and cup your hand under, then catch the coin.

Tip: The smaller the coin the easier it is to flick. When you get proficient enough you could try with larger coins. Be careful though they will make your sleeve move more, so a spectator is more likely to notice!

Here is another cool way of making a coin appear in an instant. Watch the cool effect below then learn the secrets...

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