Fun Optical Illusion:
Needle in Balloon

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A fun optical illusion, this is one of the first magic tricks I ever learned. It's a very old, but great effect I just have to share with you. Many people will know the trick already but for those of you who don't you're in for a treat.

THE EFFECT: You take an ordinary balloon and a needle. Both are completely normal, everyday items. You then slowly, but surely push the needle into the balloon amazingly without it bursting!

You remove the needle and stick it into the balloon again, miraculously the balloon stays in tact! You can repeat this as many times as you want.

At any point you can stick the needle into the balloon and make it burst at will. A great party trick you can do anywhere. Learn the effect below...

THE SECRET: The secret to this effect is very simple. All you need is some clear tape (sometimes known as Scotch Tape or Sellotape) That's it! Cut a small square of tape and stick it to the balloon.

fun optical illusion I usually place the tape at the opposite end of the balloon where you tie it (at the darker part). This is so the tape gets disguised more.

All you need to do is simply push the needle into the balloon where the tape is. The tape stops the balloon from bursting. The balloon will gradually go down but so slowly your spectators will not notice.

You can push the needle in the balloon (actually the tape) a few times. When you are ready push the needle into the balloon where the tape is not to burst it which gets rid of the evidence!

You can pretend this effect is nothing more than a fun optical illusion and say that you are not really sticking the needle in the balloon, It just looks like it! ;-)

TIP: You don't want to perform this effect too close up in case your spectators see the tape, however you can be fairly close without giving anything away.

*BONUS* COLOUR CHANGING BALLOONS: Get two balloons that are different colours. Place one balloon inside the other but still hold on to both ends. Blow both the balloons up so that one balloon inflates inside the other one. Tie off the ends or hold them in your hand concealing the two ends.

From casual inspection it will look like an ordinary balloon. However if you take a needle and carefully pop the outer balloon the inner balloon will be left. It will look like the balloon has changed colours! (Be careful not to pop both balloons in the process!)

TIP: Be careful when handling a needle in case you prick yourself!

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