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Love to learn card tricks? This is a cool effect where a spectators chosen card literally jumps to the top of the deck face up! This is a great visual 'reveal' for any chosen card.

THE EFFECT: A spectator chooses any card from the deck, once they have memorised their card it is returned to the pack which is then shuffled. The magician splits the deck in the middle holding half the deck in the air above the lower half. The top half is dropped on to the bottom half and suddenly the spectators card appears on top of the deck!

Watch the effect below then learn the secret...

This is a fun card trick to perform and looks very cool. You will need to learn a couple of card slights to perform the effect, but it is well worth it! Watch the reveal video below to learn the basic principle.

THE SECRET: Want to learn card tricks to impress your friends? First off for this trick you will need to learn the Jog False Shuffle. You can learn this shuffle HERE. It is fairly easy to do with a bit of practice. Once you have learned that, click back on your browser button to return here.

Ok are you up to speed with the Jog False Shuffle? Good. Now because you have controlled the spectators card to the TOP of the deck you can further enphasise "that it is lost in the deck" by doing a riffle shuffle like I did in the performance video. Just make sure the top card of the deck (the spectators card) ends up still on top, it's very easy to control. If you don't know how to perform a riffle shuffle. Watch my video tutorial HERE.

Now the spectators have no idea that their card still remains on top of the deck. Split the deck in two lifting the top half up, high above the bottom half. At this point push the top card of the deck (the spectators card) to the side slightly, use your pointer finger to do this. Now drop the top half of the deck onto the lower portion. As the top half of the deck falls the air in the down draft will flip the top card over which will land on top of the deck. Sounds weird I know, but it works!

You are going to have to practice this move. Test for yourself how high you have to hold the top half of the deck above the lower half. There is definitely a 'nack' to it. Also experiment how far the top card needs to be pushed to the side to catch the air.

Performed correctly it simply looks like the spectator returns their card, you shuffle the deck, split it in half, drop the top half on to the bottom half and the spectators card appears face up on the deck. Amazing!
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