If you want to learn how to do card tricks read on! This is a very cool card change trick that is so visual. You can perform this with any pack of cards. This trick is a real crowd pleaser. Watch the illusion below then learn how to do card tricks...


THE EFFECT: You shuffle a pack of cards and invite a spectator to take one. Once they have memorised the card they place it back on top of the deck and you give the whole deck another shuffle. The chosen card is seemingly lost.

You fan through the deck and take a card out exclaiming proudly "Is this your card!" Obviously your spectator says "No!" and they feel quite smug. You have failed the trick...or have you?

Taking the incorrect card you say the magic words and give it a snap and it magically changes into the spectators card. Very cool...

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THE SECRET: How to do card tricks? You know the saying the hand is quicker than the eye? Well with this trick its true. The speed at which the flick is achieved is so fast your eye can not follow the cards turning round so it looks like they instantly change!

But I am getting ahead of myself. This trick does involve you learning a few card slights. The first slight you need to learn for this trick is a false shuffle. You can learn a couple of relatively easy false shuffles with my Card Tricks eBook which you can download for free when you sign up free to this site below:

Subscribed? Cool, I am going to teach you the false shuffle I use in the video above.

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The false shuffle I use in this video is called the "Jog Shuffle" with a little bit of practice it is easy to perform. Shuffle the cards and get a spectator to choose one. Once they have memorised the card get them to place the card on top of the deck. Alternatively start to overhand shuffle a few cards and then get them to place their card on top.

Now here is the sneaky move. Shuffle one card on top of the spectators card, but jog it towards you ever so slightly. About half an inch. So the card directly on top of the spectators card overhangs the back of the deck slightly. This card acts as a marker. Continue to shuffle cards on top of the marker card.

In an apparent squaring up action grab a break beneath the jogged card and take this portion and place it on top of the deck. You have now controlled the spectators card to the top of the deck!

However with this trick you need to control the spectators card second from the top. If you grab a break above the jogged card and place this portion on top of the deck you have done just that!

TIP: I have exaggerated the jog in the video more so you can see it, but in actual fact the card does not need to be jogged out that far.

Here is the trick again but with an added flourish...

I love to learn how to do card tricks but I also like to learn a card flourish or two. This adds a very cool move into the routine called the Spring Set Flourish by John Cornelius. You can learn the Spring Set Flourish HERE. If this looks too tricky (and it is fairly!) simply move on to the next move by continuing the tutorial below.

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