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Once you have the spectators card second down from the deck flip over the top card (either using the Spring Set Flourish or normally) Ask the spectator Is this your card? They will of course say No! You then need to take this card and the second card down from the deck (the spectators card) together as one card. This move is called a Double Lift Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on two ways a double lift can be achieved...

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You may have noticed I used both versions of the double lift in the two performance videos on the previous page. Watch them back to see them in action. You can choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

The first double lift is achieved by taking the top card in one hand to show to your audience, while they are looking at it secretly push the top card of the deck to the side slightly and get your little finger under it in a "pinky break" Again my actions in the video are very exaggerated so you can see them, in reality you would do them secretly.

From the front spectators will not be able to see your little finger at the back. You can then place the face up card onto the deck and you will have two cards as one.

The second double lift is simply feeling with your thumb then lifting off two cards from the back of the deck. Once you have practiced this a few times it becomes quite easy and natural to pick up two cards as one.

Once you have the two cards together as "one" you need to perform the spin move, this is perhaps the hardest move to get right in this whole trick (not including the Spring Set flourish!) Watch the video below to see the handling...

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Hold the two cards back to back in one hand. The hand needs to be above the cards between your thumb and middle finger on opposite corners or the card(s) these fingers need to hold the card(s) loosely.

Take your other hand below the card(s) thumb and middle finger on the remaining corners, this is the hand which perform the flick move. Flex the cards a couple of times then flick your middle finger down and release your thumb. The card(s) should turn around so quick it looks like the card changes!

Please watch the video above back again and do the moves while watching - that is probably the best way to learn magic card tricks.

Once the cards have changed all that is left for you to do is place both cards back onto the deck the deal off the spectators card. This ditches (gets rid) of the other card back on top of the deck!

TIP: This move does require a lot of practice to get right. You will probably get rather frustrated at first (like it did!) with cards flying all over the place, don't worry after a while it just clicks and you will be able to do it perfectly. Once perfected this will surely become one of your favourite magic card tricks.

TIP: The Bicycle brand of playing cards really are the best to use in this effect and all magic card tricks!

TIP: If possible it helps to have two contrasting cards to change to. For example a black card to a red card or vice versa is ideal. Failing that a court card to a number card works well too. They give more of an impact when they change. For another cool card change trick click HERE.

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