The Eggstraodinary Napkin

by Dylan Scott

THE EFFECT: The magician pushes a napkin into his/her hand and it instantly becomes an egg or a ping pong ball.

THE SECRET: You will need to prepare this trick before you perform. Start off by cutting a hole in the back of the ping pong ball. If you want to use an egg, you'll need to poke a pin hole in the top of the egg and one at the bottom.

Blow through one of the holes and the contents will shoot out of the other hole. Tap the space in between the two holes to weaken the shell using a fork/spoon. Now gently chip off some pieces. You'll end up with a hole in the back of the shell.

Now bring on the audience! Grab/borrow a napkin/hanky and show that you are about to push the napkin inside your hand. You actually have your egg/ball in the hand you are about put the napkin in.

Push the napkin inside the ball/egg but the egg/ball must be hidden in your hand. When you're done with that, reveal the hidden egg/ball, making sure the audience does not see the napkin. Simply hide the hole with your fingers.

TIP: I would recommend you use the ping pong ball as it is easier to cut and handle. Also practice in front of a mirror first.

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Aug 21, 2010
im a good magician
by: Anonymous

This is one of the first tricks i learnt

Jun 30, 2010
cool trick
by: Anonymous

this trick is really really cool

Feb 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

i guess it ok keep trying

Jan 14, 2010
The Eggstraodinary Napkin
by: Anonymous

I do not think the trick is that good.

Nov 29, 2009

its not the best trick

Aug 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

please put a video

Jun 28, 2009
by: Anonymous

I did this with the egg and it blew every one away....expect when I made the napkin disapper I cracked the egg making them think that the yolk dissappered and the napkin was in it's place

Jun 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

this would be a hard trick to pull off with a egg because the egg would most likely break so i would use a ping pong ball.
this trick is average it isnt cool and it isnt lame

Jun 04, 2009
by: mohamed zouak


May 30, 2009
by: Simon

One of the first tricks I bought. Simple, easy but cool.

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