2 to 1 card trick

by Brady W. Boots

Effect:You show your spectater there is no card poking out of the bottom but there is one on top about 3/4 out, you tap on the card and the same card pops out the bottom, although in a new suit!

Secret:Ask your spectater to tell you a card, also that it doesnt have to be any particular suit.you find that card so you find 2 of the card in 1 color and one in the other.So you open up the deck and stick the first color(either 1) in (poke 3/4 out)then another one low(where a normal card would go) and then stick the 3rd one in front of the high card(make sure the spectator didnt see the first/or second card get put in) and then just put the card you cut to back on top, there should be 2 card spaced out by 1 in the middlee of the dech sticking out. you now let them feel the bottom of the deck and they know nothing is popping out,yet.so then you tap on the top card(make it look like only 1 is there, its important) and then the card that was imbetween them comes out. Simple but amazing trick i devised myself!

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