3 Queens and a Lord

by Gonçalo

This trick consists in gathering 3 queens next to the king.

You tell a story and while you do it th magic happens .

first the trick:
( how i looks like)
You say that once upon a timne there was a king wich wanted to be with 3 queens at the same time ,,, but queens run away on for furthest place she can go ( bottom of the deck since the kings castle is on top)
One queen ran to the middle of the deck and the other felt sorry for the king and stay with him..
then you split the deck in two parts and the one in the top goes to bottom and the other goes to te top.

After that you look in the deck and all the queens are together.

this is how its made.

the secret is simple.
you just place a queen already in the top.

The middle queen its lost and when you split the deck u will gather automactly the 3 queens .
side with the king ...
you have to be careful to not show the queens to much. because if you got 2 black queens and 1 red it will be 2 red and a black... once i made this trcik in a performance to 20 people and i shoed for like 5 min the queen but i was tolding the story so they dont get their atenction to the queens

hope u enjoy this simple trick

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