5 Coins In Hand trick!

by wei rong

Effect:Start by finding someone to play the trick on. Begin by telling them that you’re going to give them some money, and that if they can count it, they get to keep it!

Get the person to hold their hand out. Take six coins out of your pocket, and slowly count the coins into the other person's palm. Tell them that once all six coins are in their hand they have to close their hand quickly!

Once all six coins have been counted, they will close their hand tight...

Next, ask the person if they have six coins. They'll say yes and when you get them to open their hand, they'll find that they only have five!

Secret:It’s really important to remember to say to the person that as soon as you give them six coins, they must close their hand really quickly. Then you start to count the coins.

“One, two, three, four..." And now for the secret bit! You never place the fifth coin in their hand. You simply tap it against the other coins that are already there!

As you tap, you count five and then you immediately drop the sixth coin from your other hand into theirs, as you count “six!”

They'll now shut their hand, thinking that they have six coins. But of course they only have five - you still have a coin in your hand!

And here's an extra Tricky Tip to help you. Always count the coins at the same speed. One, two, three... and make sure they close their hand really quickly when they think they have all six.

Here's another idea. With the coin you don't put in their hand, why not pretend to make appear somewhere else – like your pocket?

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