Amazing Card Trick

by Mubarak

Performance: The magician tells the spectator to cut the pack and then turn it over and place it down face up. He then asks them to repeat this with more cards then last time. The magician then goes through the pack until he reaches the first face down card-this is the spectator's card. The magician then shuffles the pack. He then goes through the cards one by one, asking the spectator to stop him at any time. When he is asked to stop the magician asks if there was any particular reason for stopping him there. After the spectator has responded the magician turns over the card that was stopped on. Unbelievably, it is the spectator?s card.

Secret: The pack has to be set up before the trick. Two duplicate cards are used one on top and one on the bottom along with a few more cards upside down. At the start of the trick you force the top card on the spectator by the method described in the performance or you could use your own force. You then shuffle the cards making sure the few upside down bottom cards stay there. When the spectator says stop you ask him why and make eye-contact with him. This is when you secretly turn over the pack. All that is left is to reveal the spectators card.

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