Amazing Poker Trick

by Logan

All it requires is a setup. You want the deck set up as: Red Ace through King, Black Ace through King, Red Ace through King, Black Ace through King. It doesn't matter if clubs or spades is first, or diamonds or hearts. Have the audience cut the deck and complete the cut as many times as they want. (If they complete it, nothing will happen to the end result.) You tell a story about a Vegas dealer. He's dealing to 6 people, and himself. You go through normally the first time, but when you get to yourself the second time, say something to the effect of, "He saw a good card on the bottom and took it." And actually take the bottom card. Third time normal, fourth time, bottom card again. Then say, "He got caught, and his cards were removed." And get rid of the four you had. Deal the fifth and final card to the six people, and then say something like, "The security let him play if he used the top five cards. He agreed." Take the top five cards. Now flip over the five cards belonging to the others. They all will have full houses. But, when it gets to you, depending on if you went red black red black, or black red black red, you will either have a straight, or a straight flush. Wonderful for lovers of poker. Works every time, but don't do the setup in front of your audience. (Obviously.)

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