Another card prediction

by Adrian Siaril
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

This is easier than my other trick, and this seems to be a fool trick. But I really want to share it anyway.

Effect : Show 3 cards to the spectator (KING,QUEEN,JACK) , ask them to choose one. Give the card to him/her and you've got a right prediction.

Yeah, I've got a bad English

Secret : Same as my other trick, the secret is how you trick the spectator.

1.There are 3 cards, but you also make 3 prediction.

2.The first prediction is written behind JACK card. The writings are "THIS IS YOUR CHOICE"

3. The second prediction is written on an envelope mouth. The writings is "YOUR CHOICE IS QUUEN"

4. The third prediction is written on a piece of paper inside the envelope. the writings is "YOUR CHOICE IS KING"

5. Should the spectator choose Jack, just give the cards and show the back

6. Should the spectator choose Queen, show the envelope mouth (don't take the paper !)

7. Should the spectator choose King, open the envelope and take out the paper (don't let them see the envelope mouth)

TIPS : be serious when doing this trick, because you appear like a real mentalist. It's also possible to make more than 3 prediction (with more cards also). Just find the right way to trick the spectator.

Keep the envelop in your pocket or something, it should only taken if the spectator doesn't choose JACK

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