Any Card At Any Number

by Dylan

Effect: the deck can be shuffled by the magician and then placed in the box. the card is verbally selected and a number is named. the deck is taken out and when the magician counts down to that number the selected card is there.

Secret: the card is forced, there is only four different cards that can be selected, not 52. and the card is moved to the right spot in the deck.

Sleights: the glide

Preparation: put the queen of diamonds as the second card from bottom and the king of diamonds on bottom. queen of hearts second from top and king of hearts on top. If there are jokers shove them out of the way in the middle.

Performance: shuffle a deck, keeping the top and bottom pairs of cards in place. then place the deck in its box. let the spectator hold it or just put it on the table or wherever. then your going to ask the spectator a series of questions in order to force their card.
(DO NOT say "do you want" at the beginning of these questions)

#1 Number Cards or Picture cards?
now, no matter what they say just say "then we will pull away the number cards, now we are left with picture cards".

#2 Of the picture cards there are jack, queen and king. name one.
if they say jack then say "we will take away the jack", then ask them it they "want to have" the queens or kings. if they said queen or king then move on to the next question.

#3 Black or Red?
if they say black, then say we will remove the blacks, if they say red then move on to the next question.

(Now you can begin your question with "do you want")

#4 Do you want the (king/queen) of hearts or the (king/queen) of diamonds?
whatever they say tell them that is they're card.

now ask them to name a number, just say one to forty cause if they pick something high they might catch what your doing, and it cannot be 51 or 52, that just don't work! so what i do is tell them to hold up a different number in each hand. say they held up a 5 and a 2. just say 25 is their number. if its a 1 and 3 or somethin then give them the option of 1 or 13.

pull the deck out of the box.
for the king of hearts, you turn the deck face up and do the glide and start counting off cards and when you get to their number, pull off the real king of hearts.
for the king or diamonds do the same thing with the deck face down.
for the queen of hearts, turn the deck face up and count off the king then do the glide and don't pull off the queen till your at the selected number
for the queen of diamonds do the same thing with the deck face down.
if their number was one and the card was a queen then all you gotta do is count off the king and count "ONE", then reveal the queen as the next card.
then watch their reactions....

here are some reactions i got

"see, thats just not possible"

"oh my god!!"

"what the ****"

"I have NO IDEA, how you did that"

hope you like my version of this trick. :)

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