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This is one of the best free magic tricks. The magician shows three different size pieces of rope. These are freely handed out to spectators to examine thoroughly. The magician takes the pieces of rope back and places them in his hand. He brings all ends up together and grabs them with his hands. He gives the ropes a ‘magic stretch’ and amazingly all three pieces of rope seem to stretch to be the same length.

Each piece of rope is clearly show to be the same size. The magician explains that this is obviously just an optical illusion and your eyes are playing tricks on you. He places the pieces of rope in a ball in his hand and one by one removes each piece to show they have returned to their ordinary lengths! Watch the effect below then learn the secret...


I really like this effect, it's impromptu almost self working and you end completely clean which is always a bonus! That's why it's one of the best free magic tricks.

This is a very easy almost self working effect that's why it's one of the best free magic tricks you can do. First you need to prepare some ordinary magicians rope (or string if you prefer). You need three pieces of rope that are exactly these sizes. IMPORTANT they must be exactly these sizes to work!

1. The Long piece of rope needs to be: 21 inches (53.5 cm)
2. The Medium piece of rope needs to be: 14 inches (35.5 cm)
3. The Small piece of rope needs to be: 9 inches (22.5 cm)

Best Free Magic Tricks - Stretch Rope Trick

To perform the one of the best free magic tricks show each piece of rope to your audience. You can freely hand them round as there is nothing for them to find. When you take them back, take the small piece of rope and place it in your hand first. Then take the medium piece of rope and finally the large piece of rope. Grip them between your thumb and pointer finger in the ‘v’ shape of your hand (Pic 1).

Grab the bottom end of each piece of rope and bring them up one by one and grip them with your thumb and pointer finger. Start with the small piece, bring the end up and grip it next to the larger rope. Bring the medium end up and grip it next to the small rope. Finally bring the long end up and grip it next to the medium end (Pic 2).

You must not mix up this order, it’s very important! So far this all looks very normal but now comes the secret move! Count in your head three ends from the left. You need to take this third end and bring it in front of all the others to the far right hand side (Pic 3).

Just do this casually and no one will suspect anything. That’s the dirty work done. Now with your left hand grip the first three ends, with your right hand grip the other three ends and pull them apart. You will find that the smaller piece of rope loops under the larger piece of rope making it look like they are now two medium sized ropes.

All three pieces of rope will be the same size. You must be careful at this point to hide the ‘loop under’ in your left hand, so that from the front it just looks like three pieces of equal size rope (Pic 4).

To show each piece of rope separately you cheat. You actually show the medium piece of rope each time. So as soon as you have ‘stretched’ the ropes. Pull out and show the medium size piece of rope with your left hand. Place this into your right hand as if to grab another piece of rope but just bring out the same medium piece of rope again to show.

As far as the audience is concerned they have seen each piece of rope on it’s own. You can move around the three pieces of ‘equal’ length rope quite freely in your hands as long as you keep the loop under hidden at all times.

All that is left for you to do is roll all the pieces of rope up into a ball and pull them out one by one to show that they have indeed returned to their ordinary lengths once again. This is a great trick because you begin and end completely clean!


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