by AJ

THE EFFECT: You show a bill the right way up, fold it a few times in half then when you open it the bill is upside down! A great quick trick that will get your mates head scratching!

THE SECRET: Take an ordinary bill and straighten it out. Fold the bill down so that you see half of the back side. Fold half of the bill horizontally to the right. Pull the back of the bill to the left and bring the front up to the top.

Presto, you have made the bill flip, simply by folding it!


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Nov 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

That's cool but please add a video

Sep 17, 2008
by: Anonymous

Sorry but kids at preschool can do that. However if you work with the folding method but don't let the bill turn upside down, you could magically change the bill to another different bill.

Try this it might have a better effect: Take the bill and secretly stick or hold another note folded up to the back of the opened note. Hold the folded note at one of the bill's corners.

As you fold the bill up fold it in the same manner as the note behind it. If done correct you should have the two notes the same size together. The second note is hidden behind the original bill.

With the two bills together you can cover them easily with your thumb and index fingers and secretly turn them over. Do a "magic blow" and when you unfold, the bill has changed into another note completely!

When giving the note to a spectator immediately get rid of the other bill. I'm going to try this out tonight!

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