Box Vanish/Appearance

by Simon Crack

Pic 1

Pic 1

This is a reply to a request I had from one of my members. Here is the email:


Name: Phil
Comments: Hi Simon, I am grateful for the free magic trick website that you have offered to the public.

I have a small request from you. I am preparing for a talent show segment for my company Dinner and Dance. I would like to perform some magic tricks.

I wonder if you can guide me. I am thinking of making my company product (a round container) appear from something.

Hope you can advise. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.


And this is my idea...

THE EFFECT: The magician shows a completely empty box. But is able to pull out ribbons, rabbits and all sorts of things from it. But how?

THE SECRET: You need to construct a box from MDF wood. The box should have a top, bottom and two sides. The front of the box should have a hinged front door and the back should have another hinged door but with the hinges on the other side (See Pic1).

To finish the box you can paint it to look more magical with say stars on if you wish and add fasteners to the doors to keep them closed.

(Now many magicians have made life size versions of this trick to vanish or make themselves appear).

For this purpose you can make the box miniature to vanish or appear small objects. The object you wish to make appear should be attached to the back door of the box. This can be done via Velcro or building a small ledge to sit the object on.

Begin the trick with the box closed and bring it to the attention of your audience. Open the back door first so the object is hidden then open the front door. You can look and even place your arm right through, to show it empty.

Close the front door again then the back, say the magic words and open the front door (but keeping the back door closed).

The spectators will be amazed that an object has appeared inside the box. This object can be a cuddly toy, animal, anything you can think of really!

Obviously reversing the moves would make an object vanish. Now the secret may seem very simple in practice but many big name magician use this principle, because it really fools people!

How's that Phil? :-)

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Jan 31, 2012
Living animals
by: Tiaan

Ya if you do use a living animal like a rabbit or bird in a black bag, you can always put the box on its back door after showing that it's empty to pull the animal out from above. Thus still hiding the black bag...

Jun 03, 2009
A great question from a Subscriber...
by: Simon Crack

Here is a great question and my reply:


Hi Simon,

I have recently seen your new trick "box vanish/appearence"

I really love this trick but I have a question.

I understand how to attach an object to the back door. But I don't know how to make for example a rabbit or a bird sit on the ledge without moving.

Imagine performing the trick and when you open the back door the bird or the rabbit for example walking out instead of being hidden behind the back door.

Hope you can advise, Thanks.


If trained a rabbit or bird will actually sit
quite comfortably inside a black draw string
bag. In the dark they will stay quite still.
Obviously do not keep them in there forever.
But for a short time just for the trick is fine.

Hope this helps!

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