Card Envelope Trick

by Asim Khan

EFFECT:the magician hands out 6 normal envelopes and 6 playing cards.3 of these cards are red and 3 are black.the magician is blindfolded and the spectator seals the cards in the envelope,one in each.the magician only strokes each envelope while he is still he strokes the envelope he determines magically if it contains a black or a red card!

METHOD:you need to hide a small magnet in your hand.i hide it in a bandege or ring on my middle finger.the cards are magnetic too.there is a sheet of metal embedded in each black card.the red ones are normal cards.the metallic cards can even be made by taking 2 cards,placing a metal blade in between and gluing them together like one card.when you stroke the envelopes with your 'magnetic' hand,you will feel the black cards sticking to your hand.the envelopes with the red cards will not you can determine which envelope has which card merely by stroking it.everything can be examined.

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