Card from the spirits

by SomethingPointCom

-a deck of cards
-a piece of paper
-a pencil or a pen
-a piece of card
-a candle
-a ligther or a match
-an ashtray(optional)
the spectator choses a card from the deck, and write the name of the card on a piece of paper, then the magician burns that paper, then picks up a piece of card the rubs the ash of the paper in the piece of card, and a name of the card magically appears
First you write with a candle(the wax part) in a piece of white card a ramdom card, that's the preparation
Second: Ask the spectator to chose a card and force the ramdom card that you chosen before, then ask the spectator to write in the piece of paper the chosen card
4ª: say that you will sacrificate that piece of paper in order to spirits of magic respond to a question, you burn the paper(the question is what is the spectator card)
5ª: rub the ashes in the paper, and you will see that the name of the card will appear
6º: (optional)take a photo of your public suprised
(the images in the beginning will probably help you with the trick)

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