Card In Ashes Trick

Effect= The magician takes out a deck of cards and the spectator (seemingly) takes a card of their choice. They remember their card. it is shuffled into the deck.The magician then takes a piece of paper and writes a prediction of the spectator's card. It is not seen by the spectator. The magician then burns the piece of paper in a bowl. He then takes the ashes and rubs them on his arm. To the specators suprise, there chosen card shows up ON THE MAGICIANS ARM IN ASHES. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!!

Secret= Before the trick, write the name of a force card on your arm using a stick of soap. then bring on the crowd.You must force a card and then write it on a peice of paper in front of the spectator. DON"T LET THEM SEE. then ( safely) burn the paper in a fire proof bowl. WAIT FOR IT TO STOP BURNING. take the ashes and rub it on your arm were you originaly wrote it in soap. it will be their card.make sure you rub softly but enough to catch the soap. It should work. HAVE FUN

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