Card Mentalism

by John C
(Orem, UT, USA)

THE EFFECT: You borrow a deck of cards claiming you can predict what each card will be from the back of the deck without looking at the faces. You proceed to do just that!

THE SECRET: Have anyone shuffle the deck and cut it as many times as they want. You get the final cut so that no one knows what the bottom card is.

Put the deck behind your back or under the table. As you do that secretly glimpse the bottom card. Flip this card over 180 degrees from the bottom of the deck to the top. It should now be the only reversed card on the top of the deck.

Hold up the deck for them to see the reversed card on the wrong side of the deck (They will think it is the bottom of the deck). As you state aloud what that card is, you are looking at the next card on the real bottom of the deck.

You do not need to look directly at it (it would be too obvious) simply hold it up in your line of site at arms length between you and your audience. You can see it with your periferal vision while you are looking at the spectator.

Put it behind your back again and reverse the next card to the top of the deck. You are now ready to reveal the second card to them while you are looking at the third card. They will never know how you "mentally" know what the next card is because they are seeing the top card while you are looking at the next bottom card. Enjoy!

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Aug 14, 2013
could not understand
by: Anonymous

could not under stand the wording.

Jun 07, 2010
my favorite one
by: Mohamed samer

hahahahahahah it is my best card trick ever
i wanted to write it here bu you puted it before me

keep going ,

Jun 12, 2008
Awesome Mental Effect!
by: Eddie Green

Really enjoyed performing this one! Keep em' coming!

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