Card Prediction

by Adrian Siaril & Eka Putra
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Before sharing this tricks, I want to apologize for my bad English grammar. I hope you understand my writings.

Effect : Take 6 cards or even more, show them to the spectator and make a prediction about those cards. After the spectator eliminated some cards finally the remaining card is the one predicted on your paper

Secret : It doesn't matter what the prediction is, the secret is how you trick the spectator

1. First, you draw 6 or more cards

2. Make a prediction on a paper or something (don't show it to anyone). Your prediction could be any cards which have been drawn before. Remember, only predict ONE CARD.

3. Command the spectator to CHOOSE 2 cards (don't let them do anything to these cards).

4. If the predicted card is selected, take those two cards and ask the spectator to take one.

5. You now have one card in your hand and the other one in spectator's hand. Let say the predicted card is in your hand, just show the prediction and raise your hand.

6. But if the predicted card is in spectator's hand?
Just show the prediction and point the spectator hand

7. NOW, if the predicted card ISN'T SELECTED in the 3rd step. Easy, eliminate the chosen card and repeat the 3rd step to eliminate more cards, until the predicted card is selected OR there are only 2 cards left

8. Ask the spectator to take one from the remaining two or repeat 4th step

Easy, isn't it ?
Remember, you could only show this trick one time to the same person. If you show it few more times, he/she will know the fake.

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