card through bag

by Danny Perry

The magician shows the spectator a deck of cards. He tells the spectator to shuffle the deck of cards. He then returns the cards to the magician. the magician riffles through the deck and asks the spectator to say stop. He then shows the spectator there card. he then shows the spectator a ziplock bag. he puts the card in to the bag and seals it. He then riffles through the deck again and asks them to stop again. He takes there second chosen card and throws it at the bag. he shows the spectator that the cards have switched inside the bag.

the secret: What you have to know is 2 things, a double lift and the under force (desighned be me). First of all a double lift is whe you just pick up 2 cards. The under fore is my force that is used to force the top card on the deck. watch the video so that you know how to do the underforce.
start of by letting them shuffle the cards. when they return it to you rifle through the deck by either dribling the cards or going over the corners with your finger. Ask them to say stop when you start rifling. when they say stop tak half of the deck and put it behind the other. Then with the cards face down preform a double lift and show them there card with a second card hidden behind the one that they are seeing. Then put the cards back face down on the deck. tak the top card wich is not there card and put it face down inside the bag. Now its time to preform the under force. Watch the video for instructions on how to do this. Now once you have preformed this take the card that you forced and hold it with the fave toward you. Now hold up the bag and chuck it at the bag show that it has swithched and watch them be amazed.

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