This is one of those classic card tricks you have probably seen every magician under the sun perform. Well it is a neat trick and not as hard as it looks to do.

This will take practice but is well worth it. A great little impromptu trick to perform out and about.


THE EFFECT: The magician takes an ordinary playing card in his outstretched hand. The magician gives his hand a gentle wave and the card seems to vanish into thin air.

Again the magician waves his empty hand and just as quick the card materialises once again. For the finale the magician makes the card teleport from one hand to the other - invisibly throwing the cards from hand to hand. Watch the effect and secret below...

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THE SECRET: To perform this card vanish effect begin with the playing card in your most comfortable hand. Hold it at the base of the card with your thumb and fingers. Show the card clearly to your audience. (Pic 1)

card tricks revealed

Now when you are ready to make the card vanish bend your fingers forward so that your knuckles are touching the back of the card.

With your knuckles and thumb still holding the card bring your pointer finger and pinky around in front of the card and grip it (Pic 2).

card tricks exposed
amazing card tricks

In this position you should be able to let go with your thumb and straighten your fingers.

You will find that the playing card will be transferred to the back of your hand, held at the edges between your fingers.

This now leaves your palm empty (Pic 3).

At first you will probably find that the corners of the card will be sticking through your fingers too much and may be seen from the front.

However with practice you will find that you can hold the card with just the slightest edge, which will not be seen by your spectators.

To make the card appear again simply reverse the above moves. Now this trick has to be done really quickly to give the illusion the card vanishes. If you do it too slowly spectators may see it go behind your hand.

With this trick the hand really is quicker than the eye! :-)

To make the card teleport from one hand to the other you will need to get both hands performing the moves fluently. Practice this first with your best hand to get it just right. Then when you are ready practice with the other hand. You may find it quite frustrating at first but stay with it.

Once you have perfected the move, by having a duplicate card you can make it look like the card teleports from one hand to the other! This trick can be a great 'quickie' before doing other card tricks in a routine.

As with all card magic I recommend using a Bicycle Deck of playing cards. They are much easier to work with.

TIP: Instead of using playing cards try it out with your own (or someones) business card!

TIP: If you get really good at it you can vanish multiple cards at the same time, then make them reappear one, by one.


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