by John

A spectator picks a card and is lost in the deck. The magician shuffles the deck, and flips over the top card. It is not the spectator's card. Then the magician puts his hand on the false card and when rubbed, it magically changes to the spectators card!

A deck is brought up to a spectator. He lets the spectator shuffle the cards so that the suspicion turns low. The deck is passed to the magician and he asks the spectator to pick a card. The spectator picks a card. It is then put into the middle of the deck. You have to perform a break, (search up card break if you do not know what a break is) then, you must force the card to the top of the deck. When it is on top of the deck, then you double lift the top two cards, flip the two cards over, and then place them on top of the deck faced up. Obviously, the chosen card should be under the false card. However you must act as if there is only one card on the top of the deck that is faced up, and act as if you really think it is their card. You must ask, "Is this your card?" then the spectator will say, no. Then you must act confused and then show a smile. "I always have a backup plan." Then here comes the tricky part. Have the deck on your left hand then place your right hand on top of the deck. Push the top card with your fingers in a upward motion. Meanwhile you will feel the second card with the palm of your hand. Pull down the second card until you hear a small click then push the second card over the top card that you pushed upwards a while ago. Then slowly pull your hand down revealing that the false card has transformed into the spectators card. Not only will the spectator be surprised but you too! Practice this a lot infront of the mirror a couple of times before you try it on somebody. If you have trouble doing the (changing move) then help yourself on searching up the erdnase change.

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