Cigarette magic tricks have been around a very long time. Ever since cigarettes were invented infact.

Cigarette magic tricks do have a place in magic history HOWEVER I would never condone smoking, it's VERY bad for you as I'm sure you are aware (don't do it please! :-). Infact you can perform this trick just as well with a circular pencil.

cigarette magic tricks


With that little disclaimer out of the way let's learn the trick...

THE EFFECT: The magician gets a spectator to freely choose a playing card (no force) and sign the face of the card with a marker pen. The magician borrows an ordinary cigarette and balances it on the back of the spectators card. Nothing that special so far...

However the magician then begins to push the cigarette into the spectators playing card. The cigarette is clearly going right through the card. The cigarette is pushed back and forwards, there is no doubt it has penetrated the card.

The cigarette is removed and the spectators card is shown to have healed. No hole in sight! The spectator can even keep their signed card as a souvenir. This is a very visual illusion that is so fun to perform.

Check out the amazing Eugene Burger's performance of cigarette magic tricks on Paul Daniels' "Secrets" show which aired in the 90's. His version below is the professional version you can get in my magic store HERE. However my version is a version you can make at home. 

Watch my version then learn cigarette magic tricks below...

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This is one of the best cigarette magic tricks. First you are going to need to construct a simple gimmick for this effect. Don't worry it's super easy.

cigarette magic tricks

All you need to do is glue two playing cards together face to face. I suggest you glue the two jokers together so you do not spoil your deck. Make sure the two cards are aligned perfectly (Pic 1).

Now all you need to do is cut a small hole in the card just big enough for a cigarette or round pencil to fit through. Make sure the hole is not too big or gaps may be seen when you insert the cigarette/pencil.

WARNING: Be VERY carefull when cutting the hole to avoid any accidents! I suggest cutting a smaller hole then gradually make it bigger until it is just the right fit.

more cigarette magic tricks

TIP: Make sure that the hole you cut is not exactly in the center of the card but slightly off center. It looks much more effective when the hole is not dead perfect in the center of the card. It looks less 'staged' and more random, like you could have pushed the cigarette through any part of the card (Pic 2).

To perform the effect put the gimmicked card on top of the deck and you are ready to go. Get the spectator to take a card and sign the face of it. While your spectator is signing their card use the misdirection to secretly get a Pinky Break under the gimmicked card on top of the deck. (A Pinky Break if you don't know is basically using your little finger to hold a break in the cards at the back of the deck without your spectator knowing).

learn how to do cigarette magic tricks

Take the spectators card and place it face up on top of the deck, still keeping that pinky break. Next turn both cards over as if they were one card, you are performing what's know as a Double Lift. You now have the gimmicked card on top of the deck with the spectators card second from the top (Pic 3).

Keep the gimmicked card on top of the deck at this point to disguise the hole that's in it. You can use the thumb of the hand that's holding the deck to cover the hole. Take a cigarette or pencil and push it into the hole in the gimmicked card. You will probably need to lift the top card off the deck slightly at this point so you can push the cigarette or pencil through.

Start by inserting the cigarette or pencil into the card just slightly so you can appear to balance it on the card. Your spectator may not be that impressed and think "I can do that!". This is when you can push the cigarette or pencil right through the card and blow their minds! (Pic 4).

When the cigarette or pencil is right through the card clearly show it to your spectator to let the effect really sink in.

Be careful not to show the back of the card or the spectator will see it's two face to face cards!

Pinky Break under the spectators card (which is still on top of the deck) bring the gimmicked card with the cigarette/pencil back over the deck (Pic 5), holding the cigarette/pencil from the top push it back slowly onto the deck allowing the cigarette/pencil to come out of the hole and the gimmicked card to square up with the spectators card to disguise the hole once more.

Turn both the gimmicked card and spectators card over 'as one card' eg a double lift again then hand the spectator back their card as a little souvenir of the trick.

TIP: Getting the spectator to sign their selection is great proof that it really is their card you are pushing a cigarette through, even though it's really not!

TIP: As mentioned earlier if you don't smoke or are too young to handle cigarettes you can perform many cigarette magic tricks 'almost' as well with a circular pencil. I say 'almost' because what a cigarette does have going for it, is it's quite maleable or 'squishy'. This is helpfull in this trick so that no gaps are seen when the cigarette is pushed through the hole in the gimmicked card.

Here is another vanish/appearing trick you can do with a cigarette or small pencil. Watch more cigarette magic tricks below...

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