Circle Mystery

by Duncan
(New Zealand)

What You Need

What You Need

Secret: You show the spectator a piece of paper with a circle in the middle of it. You hand the spectator the piece of paper and tell him\her to write the name of someone they know who has died. They must now fold it in half and in half again. You'll now start talking about how the circle means new life, while doing this you'll start to rip the arc shape out of the paper (without the spectator noticing). While you're speaking you'll unfold the circle and read the name the spectator wrote.
Now you'll light the pieces of paper (making it look like one). Place the pieces of partly burnt paper into a metal box. After the fire is out you'll place the ashes to your forehead and pretend to think of the name you've read. You'll say the name out loud starting with the first letter and work you way to the whole name. Your audience will be amazed!

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