Coin Change

by Whooooyeahmagic

The Effect: You show your spectators a coin, (any coin of your choice) then push it into your wrist. You give it a magic shake and BAM! It's a different coin!
Secret: And as a magician i can tell you're thinking: "How is that possible?" Well i can tell you how! You'll need: Two different coins (your choice)
Long sleeved shirt
So how do you do this trick? Well it's simple! First you place one coin of your choice in your hand and close a fist. Then, you give the illusion that your pushing the other coin in your fist, but actually your just simply sliding your coin into your hand. You are able to do this because you only need 1 finger. And after you give the illusion that you are pushing your chosen coin in your fist, quietly drop it into your sleeve.

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