THE EFFECT: You show an empty matchbox and close it. You turn the matchbox over and open it in a spectators hand, amazingly a coin drops out into their hand!

THE SECRET: To perform this trick you will need the following:

A coin
A matchbox

In secret open the matchbox about half way and place the coin inside the matchbox, not where the matches used to be but sandwiched between the draw and lid. From casual inspection the matchbox looks empty.

Show the "empty" matchbox to your audience, close it (the coin will drop into the matchbox open it the other way up onto a spectators hand and a coin will appear.

TIP: Be careful not to let the spectator examine the matchbox too carefully or they may see the coin wedged between the draw and lid. Performed casually this quick trick can amaze.


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May 11, 2008
One of the first tricks I ever learned!
by: Simon

Wow thanks for this trick. This was actually one of the first tricks I ever learned. I had actually forgotten about it, so thanks for your submission.

This trick actually has quite a lot of scope. For example you can place a match stick between the draw and lid, show the matchbox empty, close it then when you open it a match appears. Or change one match stick into two. Use your imagination.

Thanks again for a great trick!

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