This is another one of my favourIte coin magic tricks, it looks cool, seemingly defies gravity and is a real crowd pleaser!

 Two coins are borrowed and examined, the Magician then takes them and says the magic words! The Magician touches them together and they stick! Then with a puff of air or the slightest touch the lower coin begins to spin, still stuck to the upper coin!

coin magic tricks - spinning coins

The Magician then drops the coins into a spectator's hand and lets him or her examine them or try to duplicate the trick. They can’t it’s impossible...unless they know the secret!

One of the coolest street coin magic tricks
Zero set up time - repeated immediately
1 minute to learn
Perform surrounded at any angle
For beginners or experienced magicians


THE SECRET: This is one of the coin magic tricks that require a special gimmick - a small magnet! If you have one laying around then great, if not the type you are going to need is preferably a Neodymium Magnet. What the heck are Neodymium Magnets I hear you cry! Well these are the most powerful magnets in the world. They are fantastically strong but small, making them perfect for coin magic tricks. And because they are so small you can hide them very easily!

So I bet these magnets cost a bomb then? actually no, you can buy them really cheaply on the net, try a good old Google search below. Stuck as to what size to get? I use 6mm dia x 3mm Neodymium Magnets. They are perfect for this trick and the Coin in Bottle Trick.

So first things first go get your magnet either try a Google search below or Amazon, I'll wait right here...

Got it? ... That was quick! ... If you experiment with it you should find it has great ‘attractive’ properties making it perfect for this and hundreds of other illusions, not just coin magic tricks! Right, let's learn the method...

coin magic tricks spinning coins

THE METHOD: Ask your spectator for either two 1p coins or two 2p coins, hand them out for examination if you wish.

Secretly conceal or ‘pinch‘ the tiny magnet between your forefinger and middle finger of your left or right hand. (pic 1)

Relax your hand, even bend your fingers a little so it does not look staged. Position your other hand in a similar way and you will look quite natural.

coin magic tricks - spinning coins

When the spectators have finished examining the coins take one back with the hand that is not hiding the magnet - bring it towards the concealed magnet hand and secretly let the Magnet attract, do this slowly as not to make a loud 'clink' sound (pic 2)

A little bit of talking or 'patter' for example: "let me build up the static electricity" etc.) should mask any small noise made.

Incidentally a bit of acting really can enhance this trick and any other. As well as giving a story it can help take the 'heat' off the real secret and point the spectators in a totally different direction.

For example rubbing the coin on a piece of clothing and saying "This may help with the static" gives the impression you are some how harnessing static electricity to perform the illusion. Of course you know that this is impossible and the only real way is with the magnet but the static electricity story gives the trick credibility and a possible solution.

Basically you are leading the spectators 'down the garden path' away from the real secret, a magic red herring if you will. That's the beauty!

coin magic tricks - spinning coins

Once the magnet has attracted, hold the coin and magnet with your forefinger and thumb (pic 3). Because the magnet is so small you should be able to effectively hide it from view from any angle. If you have extremely small fingers and can’t hide the magnet very well simply show the coin from the other side, so the spectators can’t see the magnet!

Take the second coin off the spectator and place it below the first coin. You should find that the two coins will stick together because of the magnetism (main pic, top of page). Try not to have the magnet too close to the second coin or it may cause the second coin to jump right onto the magnet, off the corner of the coin. This may expose the secret!

coin magic tricks - spinning coins

With the two coins stuck together you can lightly touch the bottom coin or even blow it and it will spin looking very cool! Say something with a smile like "I love coin magic tricks, don't you?" Once you are finished drop the first coin into the spectators hand or onto a table, then drop the second coin secretly remove the magnet with your forefinger and thumb (pic 4).

The magnet can then be ‘palmed’ again, hidden as per the beginning of the trick ready to perform again when the spectators try and of course fail! Alternatively you can simply drop it into your pocket and end the trick clean. Do be careful not to lose the magnet though, they have a habit of sticking to most metal things laying around!

TIP: This trick works better ie. you get better magnetism the more copper or red coloured the coins, so try to pick those types of coins. You could for example ask the spectator to get out all their loose change then you can hand pick the more copper coloured ones, but making it look like a random selection. Time to have fun with this trick... :-)

SUBSCRIBER TIP: Here is a great tip from Neil, one of my subscribers:

" Try doing it with the magnet on the side of the coin, rather than on the face. You can keep the magnet hidden at fingertips, hold the coin more naturally, get the magnet at the correct distance from the bottom coin quickly and take the magnet off easier (and quieter) at the end."


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