This is such a clean coin magic trick. From your audiences perspective no funny moves everything seems fair then BOOM! Amazing magic. 

The best thing about this trick is it can be repeated and you audience can even inspect all items afterwards and find nothing. They can even try and do the trick, but won't be able to!

  The performer shows a small metal, circular box with a lid. Inside they place a coin. The lid is placed on and the box is clearly shown and then shaken so the coin is clearly heard inside the box. The box is then placed on top of the performers hand and with a magical tap the coin penetrates through the metal box and the performers hand to land on the table!

Medium difficulty level

• Nothing added or taken away

Everything can be inspected

Visual illusion

Many other effects possible


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For this coin magic trick you will need a classic magic prop, an Okito Box. Which I now stock in my new magic store HERE.

The illusion depends on putting the cap on just right ;) In the performance above you can see that I stand the lid up on its edge next to the Okito box. (Pic 1) As you start to close your hand, you will notice the box begins to turn over (Pic 2)

coin magicPic 1
coin magicPic 2

Continue closing your hand, and the box will flip over until the lid fits onto the bottom. (Pic 3) Eventually the entire box lays flat, and it looks like it’s completely closed. (Pic 4) We know secretly that the lid is actually on upside down, and the coin is laying in your palm now, concealed by the box.

At this stage to prove the coin is still in the box give it a shake and the spectators will hear it rattling inside. This is great to convince your spectator  the coin is still there! Which it is.

coin magicPic 3
coin magicPic 4

Quickly remove the box with its lid together, keeping the coin in your hand. (Pic 5) Turn your hand over fast so that the coin is not seen by the audience. (Pic 6) You’ll need to palm the coin to keep it from falling onto the table. The idea is to palm the coin while making your hand look relaxed as if it isn’t holding anything.

coin magic trickPic 5
coin trickPic 6

Almost done! Place the closed box on the back of your hand and tap it a few times, eventually letting the coin fall from your hand. (Pic 7) Remove the box and lid from your hand and show it. Remember to not reveal the opening on the bottom of the box!

coin illusionPic 7
coin trick magicPic 8

Now you need to do another subtle slight, making the bottom of the box flip round the right way and land upright, when you drop it. It's actually a lot easier to do than you might think. Hold onto the lid with your thumb at the side and your fingers slightly curled under the box. (Pic 8) Let the box fall to the table. (Pic 9)

coin magicPic 9

Your curled fingers will make the bottom of the box flip round in mid air and land the right way up! This keeps the audience believing that the lid was on correctly in the first place, but we know the secret ;)

This coin magic can be repeated easily with no secret setup required, it's instant reset!

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