by Luis
(Chicago, Illinois)

THE EFFECT: The magician places a coin on the table for all to see. He slides it to the end of the table so he can pick it up. The magician puts the coin in his opposite hand making a fist and puts his other empty hand beneath the table.

The magician slams his fist on the table and shows the coin has vanished. The magician now reaches under the table and pulls out the exact same coin!

THE SECRET: When you slide the coin to the edge of the table, secretly drop it in your lap. Pretend that you are still holding the coin and acts as though you place it in the other hand and make a fist. Done smoothly this move will look totally natural.

Openly show your other hand empty and reach below the table. As you do this pick up the coin from your lap. Slam your fist onto the table and show the coin has vanished. Bring your other hand up from under the table and show the coin has passed right through.

TIP: Get the spectator to sign their coin, after all you only use one!

TIP: When you slam your fist on the table you could simply let the coin drop off your lap onto the floor. This will look even more convincing that the coin actually just penetrated the table!


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Jul 24, 2010
by: Anonymous


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