Coin Vanish & Reappearance

by Blake
(Georgia,United States)

THE EFFECT: The magician takes a borrowed coin and simply makes it vanish, only later to pull the coin out of the owners pocket (no assistant needed!).

THE SECRET: Okay first of all you have to be wearing a loose armed jacket. When the spectator gives you the coin, with your arms bent upwards secretly drop the coin down into your sleeve.

Pretend the coin is still in your fist and ask the spectator to roll up your sleeves so you will have no contact with them. Show them that the coin has vanished. I always play it up a little. Roll down your sleeves complaining about how it's so cold. When you do let the coin slide down into your hand and palm it.

When the spectator asks for their coin back, reach for there pocket, purse, bag, etc and pull their coin out (already having it in your hand!).

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Aug 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

good trick!!

Aug 25, 2010
-ve comment
by: Anonymous

very bad trick

Mar 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

wow not bad but what if they say can i search your hand again?

Nov 23, 2008
by: debayan

realy nice.

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