Cool Card Predictions

by Kevin Anon

THE EFFECT: The magician spreads a shuffled deck of cards face down on the table. The magician then predicts the card he is going to pick. He waves his hand over the deck then takes a card out claiming it is his prediction, he does not yet show the spectator.

The card is placed to the side face down. The magician then predicts another card and removes this from the deck, placing it with the first prediction.

Finally the magician predicts one last card, removes it from the deck and places it with the other two cards. The magician then turns over all three cards to reveal the three predictions to be correct!

THE SECRET: First you need to know one of the cards before the trick. This can be done by marking the back secretly or by forcing the card. When you first predict a card, predict your forced card.

Reach into the pack and remove a card and look at it, remember this card and use it as your next prediction. Reach into the deck again and remove another card. Again remember the card and use it for your final prediction.

When you reach into the deck the last time find your marked card (or forced card) and place that with the other two cards. Pick up all three cards (so the spectator looses what order they were in). Then show each of your predictions are correct, starting with your first prediction.

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Aug 19, 2011
by: Anonymous


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