criss angel dice Prediction

by K.D.
(united states)

Supplies: paper, pencil, deck of cards, dice

effect:The magician makes a prediction on paper before the trick even starts. the spectator rolls 2 die. the magician tells the spectator to add the two top parts of die. then the spectator adds the two bottom parts of die. then the 2 top parts and bottom parts are added together. if the number is 15 the spectator picks the 15th card from the bottom. the spectator then gets the card. then they open the magician's prediction and its the same as the card the spectator picked

how it's done: not many people know this but whenever u add the top and bottom parts of die its always 14. no matter what :) try it
and you just have to memorize the 14th card on the bottom. You can also do a false shuffle to keep the bottom 14 cards the same place. It's called the hindu false shuffle. It can be learned at this site when you go to the card tricks section and click on the self reversing deck trick.

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