criss angel thread from eye

Effect: Spectator takes a piece of thread and puts it in his mouth, allowing just a tiny piece to stick out. He then pulls at his eye lashes and starts pulling one out. It turns into the string and he pulls it farther out. The piece of string that is sticking out of his mouth is pulled all they way into his mouth and the rest of the string is pulled from his eye.

Method: First, take two pieces of thread that are the exact length. With one, place it in some warm water. You want this water to be about room temperature, maybe a little warmer. You don't want it too cold, because it will irritate your eye, and the same thing with it being to hot. Now that the string is saturated with water, take it out and ring it out a little bit, making sure it stays damp.

This is the main trick now. Before you perform this, you have to insert the thread into your bottom eye lid, making sure just a little sticks out. Once the thread it in your eye, do not move your eyes downwards, as this increases the chances of damage to your eye as the thread may become lodged into your eye. You also have to make sure that some of the thread is sticking out. This way it looks like an eye lash and people won't think anything of it.

Now that you have that down, take the other piece of thread and insert it into your mouth, allowing a little to hang out of your mouth. Now act as if you are forcing the thread up to your eye. The acting really sells this trick.

Once you have acted as if the thread has gone up to your eye, find the thread that you have already inserted into your eye lid and start pulling. At the same time, suck in the thread that is hanging out of your mouth. By doing that, it looks as if it is just one thread. Keep pulling the thread out of your eye, and once all the thread is in your mouth, you can either swallow it, or just hide it in your mouth.

Keep pulling all of the thread out of your eye. Do it slowly because it really does hurt. Like all tricks, practice this. And be careful.

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